This morning I went to the classroom at seven o'clock because I was on duty today.Of course I was the first one.I was cleaning the blackboard when Li Ming came into the classroom.I asked her,"Who do you come here so early?" She answered with a smile,"I know you are on duty today.Let me help you." I was very happy and said,"Oh,thankyou." We began to work together.When the teacher arrived,we had already done a good job,and the classroom was clean and tidy.The teacher praised me.

The day after tomorrow Li Ming will be on duty.I am going to help her too.We are good friends.We should help each other.




Help is a kind of noble beauty,but a large collective is up with this kind of beauty.If a collective has such beauty,it must have a strong collective.

lMy people a lot,ny friend,is very much also.But really when I was the most difficult to help me through the little man.

In third grade,my grades have been bad.On one occasion,I take an examination of mathematics unit test is not good,I think of myself is not good,I think I always will be a difference,it didn't come back anymore.In the mind very not taste,secretly sad.

It suddenly occurred to me that a grade overjoyed when I take an examination of 100 points.Show show seemed to guess my mind,gently walked to come over.Slapped me on the shoulder:"don't be sad,a poorly on it doesn't matter!As long as you work hard,to get good grades next time!""That's easy for you say,but I am so bad,how to tell mom and dad?"Listen to her,I seem to find a glimmer of light through the fog.She said with confidence:"you don't be afraid!We all got the class is not so good,and you?""But in fact,I was so bad.I told mom,I want to take an examination of famous university!"I'm a little upset.But I am not so sad,but the light is getting closer and closer to me."You are from college early figure!You don't give your confidence to for this quiz away.Do you want to know,understand,confidence in contact with a person's life.If a person has the confidence,that he will be very successful business;on the contrary if one did not have the confidence,that he will follow the years slowly destroyed...."She's more say more passionate,like in the speech.

Cheng,your words I understand.I know,know the confidence of a person how important it is.I later can't again in order to a didn't test good,and threw the valuable confidence"trash",I will always treasure this precious confidence!






We all have a world.In this world,there are a lot of people that we love them and they love us.How do you show you love?

My classmates are very friendly,we always help each other when they meet difficulties.For example,last week,my friend and I go out to have a picnic.But when we were climbing mountain,I fell down.So I hurt my leg,I could hardly walk at all.One of my friend whose home is near brought me to his home.His mother is very kind,she help me.And my friends asked me :"How do you feel now?"I was moved by him.

So I want to help others,it will not only make others feel warm,but also make me feel happy.If everyone do like this,our world will be more beautiful one day!







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