Shanghai, a beautiful city during the day, becomes even more wonderful at night.
  At the end of the day, both the older part of the city around the Bund and the more m____buildings in Pudong are full of colorful bright lights. The buildings, both new and old, look c____different and very exciting.
  If you look across the Huangpu River, you can see the brilliant Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the Jinmao Tower. Take a boat a____the river and you can see the amazing nightlife on the Bund. There are more than 30 tour boats, including ancient dragon boats in the Ming and Qing styles and boats made in the Shikumen style.
  If you prefer w____in the streets, try the famous Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street(步行街). There are busy shops and cafes and you will see thousands of local people enjoying themselves. Most of the shops close at 10 pm but at popular nightlife places where you can meet friends and make new o____.
  If you are in Shanghai for the first time, make sure you also visit Xintiandi, a very popular a____where you can see buildings in Western and Chinese style side by side. Xintiandi is a great place for young people, but it may be a little n____for older visitors! A quieter place to visit is Park 97, near the west gate of Fuxing Park, Luwan District. Park 97 opened in 1997 and you can find clubs and international restaurants like Baci where you can get Italian food and Tokyo Joe's, a Japanese restaurant.


【分析】1. 浦东更具现代化的建筑布满了色彩艳丽的灯。modern 现代的。
2. 这些新式和古老的建筑,看着完全不同,很令人激动。副词completely“完全地”修饰后面的形容词different“不同的”,作状语。
3. along 沿着。乘船沿着河边,你会看到外滩令人惊异的夜生活。
4. 由下文Pedestrian Street(步行街)可知是在街上行走。prefer doing sth. 更喜欢做某事。故填walking。
5. ones指代前面的friends。大多数商店晚上10点钟结束营业,但是在一些流行夜生活的地方你可以和朋友见面并结交新朋友。
6. 新天地是一个地方,同时也是一个旅游景点。首字母为a,故填area“地区”或attraction“吸引人的事物”。
7. 由下文A quieter place可知填noisy“吵闹的”或noisier。新天地对年轻人来说是个好地方,但对年老的游客来说可能会有一点吵。